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Oster Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

Gifting season is here and usual problem on everyone’s mind is: What do I get my loved ones for Christmas? Well, lucky for you, Oster is joining Shoppee’s big 12.12. Sale from December 10-12, 2018! Get the most-wanted Oster appliances at the best prices.

For your baking enthusiast Tita

Every baker needs a reliable and durable mixer to aid them in the kitchen. This kitchen appliance has a powerful 250-watt motor coupled with a range of six speeds " all to cater to your creative Tita’s baking needs. The Oster 2532 Hand Mixer also has a burst of power button so that you can adjust the speed of your beaters. This can make the perfect dough, mix batter into ideal consistencies and whisk icings into flawless peaks with the help of this hand mixer.

Oster 2532 Hand Mixer - Only 999 from 1,620!

A versatile blender for Mom

This beautifully matte-finish multitasking heavy duty blender will be the perfect addition to your mom’s kitchen. She can create anything from refreshing smoothies, to heartwarming soup, and even bake cookies and create pizza! That’s how versatile this blender is!

Oster DualPro Multiblender - Only 7,999 from 9,850 12.12 EXCLUSIVE

An easy-to-use coffee maker for Dad

No morning is ever entirely complete for dear-old-dad without a good cup of coffee. The Oster 4-Cup Coffeemaker lets you make your perfect cup every day without difficulty.The Oster 4-Cup Coffeemaker makes, not just one, not two, but four cups of coffee. It’s a size that’s hefty enough to fill more than just a few stomachs craving for a hot brewed coffee. It comes with a permanent filter while its on and off switch goes equipped with an illuminated indicator to let you know whether it’s turned off or not.

Oster 4-Cup Coffeemaker - only 1,129 from 1,280 12.12 EXCLUSIVE

An Insta-worthy present for your trendy sibling

Perfect for everyday and entertaining, the Mason Jar Blender adds a touch of style to blending smoothies, frozen drinks and more. This versatile kit includes all the accessories you need to blend beverages easier. Prep ahead with ingredients added to the jar and stored with storage lids until you're ready to blend. Then change out blade for Sip & Straw lids if you want to take it with you on the go. The 20 ounce mason jars are perfect for serving friends and family freshly blended drinks with charm and functionality. From lunchtime lemonade slushies to weekend party margaritas, you can blend and serve in no time.

Oster Ball Mason Jar Blender - with FREE CHOPPER 12.12 EXCLUSIVE

For you newly-wed kabarkada

Nothing beats a classic, like the original Osterizer blender. This iconic white blender has stood the test of time has been known to be handed down from generation to generation. Gift your newly wedded friends this iconic blender to complete their kitchen and start their new lives together.

4172 10-Speed Osterizer - only 2,999 from 3760

Use SPHXOSTER  on the checkout page and enjoy Php 100 off for a minimum spend of Php 1000 or free shipping for a minimum spend of Php 99 when you shop on December 10, 2018!