Oster Blenders Can Crush Ice, This is How it Works




Can Oster blenders crush ice? The simple answer is yes, Oster blenders can definitely crush ice. Being a brand whose products stood the test of time, there’s no doubt the Oster blenders can precede their expectation.

So what makes Oster different from other blender brands? What makes us so confidently say that it can crush ice? The answer is simple- the All-Metal Drive™

The All-Metal Drive™ is Oster’s secret weapon for it’s durability, versatility, and reliability. Essentially, Oster’s drive is completely made of metal. From the shaft to the blades, it’s all stainless steel. And to ensure that it has an edge over other blender brands, it is trademarked, meaning Oster is the only one with this unique feature. It would explain why many of Oster’s blenders lasted so many years, even decades!

Crushing ice is not a difficult feat for Oster blenders. But how can you efficiently crush ice without any problems? It’s simple, all you need to do is add a bit of liquid. Doesn’t have to be water, it can be syrup or honey, or any liquid that your recipe calls for.


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