Creating a Healthier Smoothie for the Summer Time


Creating a Healthier Smoothie for the  Summer Time


Summer is here and so is the shake season! Who can’t resist delicious and refreshing fruit shakes in the summer heat? But shakes are usually packed with tons of calories and sugar, which it makes it harder to indulge on your favorite drink as often as you want. But there is a way to make sure you keep your drinks healthy, here’s how!


Don’t add unnatural sugars to your drinks
Sugar is definitely your worst enemy when you are trying to lose weight, or simply trying to maintain a healthy weight. Replace regular sugar with fruits and honey if you want to keep your shake on the sweet side.


Use healthier milk alternatives
Full cream milk can be high in fat, and if you indulge too much of it in your shakes, you might gain some unwanted weight. A yummy and healthier alternative to this would be almond milk. Almond milk is natural rich in many vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin E.


Add a bit more greens to your smoothies
It’s not typical that you see shake recipes with vegetables in them, but it’s actually a good and healthy idea to add some greens to your shakes. They add a ton of nutrition without any more calories or sugar. Adding a bit of spinach, kale, or pumpkin can do wonders to your shakes.



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