Snack Rules

The secret is not to add more snacks to your usual diet, but to divide your current food intake into four or five little meals.  Also, make sure you are choosing good-for-you snacks.
Than means following a few rules:
1. Keep it simple. A healthful snack takes little preparation and always is in easy reach.
2. Combine fiber with protein. Fiber-rich foods fill you up and provide energy, while protein keeps blood sugar levels even between meals.
3. Mix and match. Include at least one of the following at each snack: fresh fruits, vegetables, and/or whole grains. Then pair that with one of these: nonfat milk, yogurt, or cheese; a slice of extra lean meat, fish, or chicken; cooked dried beans and peas; or nuts or nut butters.
4. Keep it small:  Aim for 150 to 250 calories - tops.
5. Only minimally-processed foods. Snack on oatmeal not a granola bar, a baked potato not potato chips, nonfat yogurt not ice cream, and a slice of whole grain bread not a doughnut.
6. Finally, grab a snack only when you are honestly hungry, not because the doughnuts are there or because it's a habit.
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