Smoothie Ingredients that Secretly Aren't Good for You

A smoothie is only as good as the ingredients you put in it. Here are a few common smoothie ingredients that you may not actually want to be adding to your Oster blender.
1. Unnatural fruit juices
It may actually be a juice cocktail, juice drink or another phrase that contains high levels of sugar, corn syrup and other sweeteners. 
2. Ice cream or sherbet
Ice cream, sherbet, sorbet and any other frozen confections are loaded with sugar and fat and very few nutrients.
3. Some peanut butter
Some peanut butter is loaded with sugar, salt and fat. 
4. Flavored Yogurt
Avoid overly sweet, flavored yogurt in favor of plain, low-fat options with added sweeteners.
5. Canned Fruit
When it comes to fruit, fresh is always better. Canned fruit is typically preserved in sugary syrup.
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