Best Low-Calorie Smoothie Mix-Ins

Unlike many mix-ins with ice cream or yogurt, yours don't need to be unhealthy. You can use low-calorie, nutritious options to enhance your smoothies.
1. Cocoa
Pure, unsweetened cocoa or cacao can provide a powerful flavor with fewer calories. 
2. Cinnamon
Like cocoa, cinnamon is often paired with sugar for a sweet, strong and distinctive flavor. However, when you take away the sugar, you're still left with that great flavor and fewer calories.
3. Quinoa, Chia or Flaxseed
Each of these popular superfoods boost nutrients such as protein, fiber and vitamins, but none have a significant amount of calories.
4. Salt and Pepper
Either a dash of salt or a pinch of pepper can add an extra layer of flavor and depth to a green or vegetable smoothie.
5. Honey
Honey may have a relatively high number of calories among all mix-ins, but because it's such a strong and natural flavor, you only need a little to transform your smoothie.
6. Tea
tea is a low-calorie beverage that you can use as the main liquid in your smoothies. 
7. Ginger
Fresh cut ginger root can be a low-calorie and very strong flavor to add to your smoothies. 
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