What Your Body Needs After a Workout and How to Get It

Consuming the right nutrients within the first hour following your workout can have a great impact on your muscles and your health. Make sure you focus on these when planning your post-exercise routine.
1. Protein
After a workout, giving your body protein can help your muscles grow and capitalize on your hard work. Protein can be a useful aspect of a post-workout meal, but it shouldn't be the only ingredient and isn't needed in quantities larger than recommended.
2. Carbohydrates
Without replacing the glycogen lost from exercising, people will lose energy and not be functioning optimally.
3. Electrolytes and Water
Electrolytes, including sodium and potassium, as well as water are critical to the healthy function of the human body. When you exercise, you lose electrolytes and dehydrate through your sweat.
Consume these nutrients in style
When you get home from the gym or a run, put some tasty ingredients in your personal blender for a quick and easy post-workout smoothie. Include bananas for potassium, protein powder for muscle building, lowfat yogurt for carbs, and anything else for vitamins and taste. Have it alone or as part of a protein-rich chicken dinner.
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