How to Manage your Stress

There a few ways that you can address stress, giving your body and mind a break.
1. Get organized
Whether it means organizing your desk or your schedule, getting everything in order can help eliminate feelings of stress.
2. Meditate
Meditation is all about concentrating on your breathing and not worrying. Breathing on it's own can help you feel more relaxed, and clearing your mind can help reduce stress as well.
3. Eat better
Eating "healthful, energy boosting" foods and not skipping any meals can help you face stress head on. Consider making protein-packed smoothies in your blender for a jolt of energy or a smart meal replacement.
4. Do something athletic
Getting your body moving can help your body and mind relax and feel better.
5. Sleep well
Head to bed each night without distractions and give yourself enough time to get about eight hours before you need to wake up in the morning.
6. Don't be afraid to ask for help
If stress is causing depression, anxiety or otherwise affecting your quality of life, talk to a professional for help on how to deal with stress in your life.
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