Make Your Own Fresh Baby Food at Home

Use your Oster Blender for your baby's food. By blending baby food at home you have complete control over what your baby is eating as well as the cost. You don't have to worry about additives or preservatives.  
Fun baby food recipe
Babies are sure to love this sweet, textured treat. Simply combine: 
-1 fresh banana
-2 cups peeled, chopped and softened apples
-3/4 cup warm, pure water
-1 dash of cinnamon (optional).
Place these ingredients in your blender and blend on HIGH until you have a mixture that is smooth and free from any large chunks. Pour into a small dish and spoon-feed you baby as you would with store-bought food.
Before starting a homemade baby food regimen, talk with your pediatrician about what foods you should avoid, which are most important and any other nutrition questions you may have.
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