How to Avoid Overeating

Try one of these simple techniques to help reduce the amount you eat at the dinner table. 
1. Eat normally leading up to dinner
Having breakfast and lunch before dinner can go a long way in preventing you from overeating and feeling bloated. Often people don't eat leading up to the main meal, which causes them to overload their plates and eat quickly.
2. Start Small
Once there's food on your plate, there's a good chance you'll eat it all, whether you overloaded it or not. One simple way to prevent overeating is to take a little less of everything.
3. Start with vegetables
A good technique to avoid breaking your diet is to start with lower calories dishes. Chow down on grilled veggies or salad to start your meal. Chances are by the time you feel full or satisfied, you'll have eaten fewer fatty foods.
4. Make some time for exercise
Make some time for a morning jog or a fall walk with your family to get your blood pumping and your metabolism active.
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