7 Smart Ingredient Swaps

While some ingredients are necessary for a batch of your favorite baked goods, others can be swapped out for more nutritious or lower calorie alternatives. Check out these seven sneaky alternative ingredients that work in many of your favorite recipes. 
1. Applesauce
Vegan-friendly and nutrient smart, applesauce can replace butter, oil or shortening in certain recipes while still maintaining that moist texture.
2. Low-Calorie or Lean Anything
Often when a recipe calls for cream, beef or bacon, you can swap these ingredients out for evaporated skim milk, lean beef or prosciutto.
3. Egg Whites
If  you're concerned about the cholesterol in your food, simply skip the yolk. You can use multiple egg whites in the place on one whole egg for similar effects. 
4. Bananas
Ripe or over ripe bananas work similarly to apple sauce. Being sweet and mushy, bananas can replace butter, sugar or a little of both. 
5. Nonfat Yogurt
Does your recipe call for sour cream? Nonfat Greek yogurt or nonfat yogurt can be just as good with far fewer calories.
6. Better Flour
From whole wheat flour to coconut, rice and almond, there are dozens of unique flour variations that can carry advantages over white flour, such as more protein or no gluten.
7. Sweet Syrups
Tired of granulated sugar? Consider using maple syrup, honey, agave syrup or another variation from typical cane sugar that's just as sweet.
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