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4172 Osterizer Blender

With its 10-speed push button, the Oster 10-Speed Osterizer can help from preparing warm, appetizing soups to cool, refreshing shakes. It can even help you quickly cut up spices and vegetables. The Osterizer comes with a pulse option for precise blending, so you can get coarseness or smoothness that you want. The ice-crushing blades can give you the high-performance you require. Pair the 10-Speed Osterizer with the perfect cooking utensils and make the kitchen your ultimate laboratory of goodies!


Osterizer Blender

₱3,760.00 -20%

- Powerful 375-watt motor
- 5-cup heat-resistant glass jar
- 10-speed push button
- Pulse option for precise blending
- High performance ice-crushing blade


The only blender brand with an ALL-METAL DRIVE

Crush ice easily with a durable all-metal drivethat is built to last. Oster is the only blender brand in the world to carry an All-Metal Drive which means all blender products are durable, versatile, and resilient.