Oster® is a world-class brand with a strong presence in the United States and Latin America. With its high brand recognition and excellent product reputation, Oster® and its blender line Osterizer remains at the forefront in most countries it operates, including the Philippines. 

Art and technology blended perfectly to create powerful, superior and unique designs. This is precisely what Oster® has been doing for decades. From its famous Osterizer blenders, Oster® has expanded to a wide range of innovative products that breaks molds, always with a strong reliance on only the latest technology. 

Focus Global has handled Oster® exclusively since 1996. Because of Focus’ extensive distribution network, technical/service support network and marketing team, Oster® has enjoyed market dominance in most categories in the Philippines.

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Oster® shares with you EASY, HOMEMADE, FRESH recipes and cooking tips and tricks to give you a delightful and hassle-free experience in the kitchen.